71 reviews of Golden Corral Buffet & Grill "Always a great experience when we go to Golden Corral!! Tonight's fried chicken was soooo good. We saw the chef on the way out and he happened to ask us how everything was? We said delicious especially…

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

6725 Black Horse Pike
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
(609) 272-8171


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Always a great experience when we go to Golden Corral!! Tonight's fried chicken was soooo good. We saw the chef on the way out and he happened to ask us how everything was? В We said delicious especially the fried chicken!!
The food is always delicious and if you need anything the sous chefs are always helpful!! If you want a special
cut of meat they're very accommodating!! В 
Everyone at the restaurant was very friendly. В Our server Xavier was awesome!! В He made sure our dirty dishes were cleared and kept our drinks full!! He was very attentive and a pleasure!! The manager came by to ask everyone how dinner was. В I think that is a great manager. В 
I just forgot to tell him that the Women's bathroom could have used some sprucing up!!
I think this restaurant is a great value for the money!! Keep up the great work you're doing!!

Very disappointed in this location.

It's about for dinner and I had a hard time finding anything I wanted to eat.

The salad bar was fine. Decent selection of salad mix and fixings (although the croutons were stale) and dressing selections were narrow (6 options).

I honestly didn't see anything I really wanted to eat. I ended up with a В salad, corn muffin (the Top was hard from sitting under a heat lamp, but the bottom was good), some fried rice, a nasty taco. Most of which I didn't even finish, only a bite or two. They had a wing event going on which seemed popular with guests.

I thought they could redeem themselves with dessert but I was wrong. The chocolate fondue fountain was awesome but the dipping pieces were not great (the strawberries in general looked as if they were going bad). The chocolate soft serve was watery and had no taste. The brownies were okay.

My grandmother was disappointed with her food options as well. The steak she ordered was cooked to medium rare, but was more gristle than meat.

Unless you want to be disappointed with a buffet of mediocre food, I suggest you eat elsewhere!

Gone here for breakfast. They should close the place down and rebuild. Every booth had rips, damages and tape all over it. It looked like a murder scene. The only thing that was decent was the fried chicken that was fried to perfection. Everything else made me nauseous. Blah!!!

I go weekly for breakfast on Sunday. В The food is good for the price. В Lots of variety. The made to order omelettes are excellent. В The juice in the self-service machine could be better, but you can get the server to bring you a fountain drink. В Drinks and coffee is included for one price. В The staff is very friendly. В Ask for Ani as your server. В She's a doll!

If you are looking for a huge selection of mediocre food at a good price Golden Corral is your place. They have a salad bar, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Southern, В and classic American cuisines represented. When we visited this location it was busy and a bit chaotic but nothing was disorganized. Our waitress was attentive and checked on our table frequently, clearing our plates.

None of the food stands out. Its all very generic and obviously mass produced.

It wasn't so bad as the reviews I've seen here. I wanted to take some relatives to a cheap, American buffet, and it fit the bill. The casino buffets were mostly over for dinner, and this was a deal at under . I've been to the Golden Corral in Virginia and, yes, it's much better, but this place still provided a good selection of salads, a sampling of international foods, a chocolate fountain, and most importantly, the "steakhouse" was grilling steaks. I really enjoyed the fried chicken and shrimp, as you can see in my photo. Now, as for the rating of 3 stars... had to take off points for the terribly grouchy chef at the steakhouse and the dessert chef... a kid had taken strawberries out of the buffet, then left them on the counter, and the dessert chef put them back into the buffet. Sigh.

I love Golden Corral but this location was a true disappointment. The food bar was so messy and dirty. Food all over. The food labels didn't match what was in the location. I had to wait 10 minuets for lettuce and another 10 minuets for pudding.
The ranch dressing was not the traditional Golden Corral dressing. The server was very sweet and helpful.

Wow well I'm in A,C for the weekend and wanted something that I know I can't get where I live. So Golden Corral it was. Well there was no line that's was good and the cashier Xavier was great nice. Went in found a booth with no problem sat all was well until Ms Liz came over. She was so Amazing nice friendly and loves her job. Never had to ask for anything she stayed on top of everything. They were very busy but no worries cause Ms Liz stayed on top of it. I ask to speak to the Manager although she looked scared she still stayed the same and went and got him. Only for him to not even take the time to listen to what I really had to say. Didn't get his name but maybe it's good that I didn't. Me Liz keep up they Great Job wishing you the very best in life stay blessed and thank you again.

Very disappointing for a Tuesday night. It's hard to believe but the food selection was poor. Mostly wings. No baked fish. Won't be coming back.

They should be ashamed of themselves. My boyfriend and I went and paid for stale food, I got a Sprite and it was STRAIGHT seltzer water. I told our waitress and asked if I could change it for sweet tea. Needless to say she was nice, but never returned with the tea. The dishes were all dirty. I had to look through 6 plates each time to find one without leftover food on it from the dishwasher. I don't even eat red meat but the only salvageable food was the pot roast so that's what I was left with. In the end, we left still hungry and upset.

This place is in desperate need of a refresher. The first thing you notice is the ripped and taped booth and chair seats. Seriously shabby! The bathroom door was in need of a fresh coat of paint, I litterally was afraid to touch it out of fear of bubonic plague contamination or worse...food, meh. I wanted to check this place out since I was in the area and .00 later for two people for dinner, what a mistake. I В always thought of Golden Corral as a clean Olde Country Buffett. Not anymore.

My family and I came here after a day of shopping expecting to get lunch but it had already switch over to dinner, no big deal we grabbed our sodas and a table and headed over to the buffet area. I decided I was going to have a salad and they had a nice selection of greens to choose from along with many toppings and dressings. Once I sat down and took a bite what had appeared to be fresh and crisp was not exactly that. It wasn't terrible but wasn't the freshest.

I headed back to the buffet area and noticed many of the hot trays were empty and not being refilled at all. I grabbed a baked potato some green beans and a piece of sirloin steak. The baked potato was really good mainly because they had a lot of toppings to make it special and to your liking. Sour cream, butter and bacon bits for me! Green beans were bland and my steak was surprisingly ok and cooked to a decent medium. I went back and tried to get some mac and cheese but that still was empty with staff chatting. Off to dessert I suppose.

This was probably my favorite part. They had cotton candy, fudge, a chocolate fountain with strawberries for dipping, different cakes and ice cream. I definitely hit up that chocolate fountain a few times. Guilty!

All in all this place had lacking staff.. plates not being cleared, young college kids goofing off with each other ignoring you, making jokes as you try to order a diet coke saying no when you ask. Just immature. The buffet area was messy and looked unkept and many trays left empty. I think this was my first and last visit to a Golden Corral.

Eating at many of the Golden Corrals down south I was excited seeing the signs in front В of their construction site that GC was coming to Egg Harbor Township.
I really tried to like like the EHT franchise even keeping in mind that serving mass produced food and providing a quality product is not an easy task.
The question that I have is why can the southern Golden Corrals accomplish this but not here in EHT? Poor quality proteins are mostly served with a high content of salt. The deserts are ok if you want to ingest alot of empty carbohydrates, and corn syrup. Three strikes and your out. This is definitely not an "OK" corral!

I enjoyed eating at this restaurant the waiter was friendly and attentive and the food was awesome

This is all my fault! В I should never ever expect something good at a place that spits out a lot of food at low prices. В It only promises bland mush or worse ... Please turn away from GC's if you want a good meal.

However if you just want to shove stuff in your mouth or have kids who don't care GC might be your choice just not mine.

Frankly, I was not satisfied for many reasons but primarily because as I ate the warmed over taste-less food I was reminded why I do not come here. В Inadequately stocked salad area (Lettuce folks) to gravy that I stirred to eliminate the sickening appearance for the next person. Not sure where that steak came from ...

Only item worth praise was the banana pudding. В 

The table guy did not know about the grill giveaway. В Instead he gave me an application for their golden club (Cannot imagine being a regular at this place even in my old age when my teeth can no longer chew! В I hope to always want to savor tastes when I eat, which does not happen here.). Grill master sorry he really seemed in another world. В 

My bad ... Golden Corral was what it always is food designed to be put on heaters for little money (I could have gone to Carrabas, right next door, or to the Outback, which I could see from the parking lot for a better meal at only a slightly higher cost and I would have been waited on, which at the end of the day is the essence of going out to eat!). В 

So stupid to have come here - my bad but thankfully little money - DISAPPOINTED!

I hadn't been to this Golden Corral in a while. I stopped in around 3:10 in the afternoon. The salad bar was decimated. No one ever comes around to replenish the items. A couple of slivers of tomatoes, cucumbers and other items. On the hot bar the steak fries weren't cooked properly and tasted like they had been sitting out there all day. The kernel corn tray was almost empty and the corn was lukewarm. The carrots were undercooked and brussels sprouts were overcooked and soggy. The dessert area was also a mess as no one ever replaces the pies. One piece of apple pie that obviously had been sitting there for hours. You can see neglect. One of the supposed clean plates had food on the back of it. This Golden Corral has gone downhill.

You want to see a well run Golden Corral. Go to the one near The Masters in Augusta, Ga. Clean, the salad bar is full and fresh, same as the hot bar. What I can't figure out is Golden Corral are franchises, you would think the owner would want them to be run properly so they would attract more customers. What invariably happens is the restaurant eventually closes and no one else is interested in buying it and the company has no interest in reopening it.

I've been to this place three times, including this visit I am posting about. Never had I had an issue. Today I went with the kids and husband. We ate , like we usually do. I am not one to go to buffets and eat until I pass out. I go and have my one or two small plates and that's it. That usually does it for me. I felt very full this time for some reason. We left, and maybe 30-40 minutes after. I started getting stomach aches... threw up and basically every other symptom that comes along when you've had food poisoning. В Don't think I'll ever be going back !

This is d worst place I've been. The cooks @ d grill don't even know what "med. well steak was. One of d cook also open d canned of vegetable and just threw it inside d steamer. There's nobody I charge at night. The salad bar so empty and it's only7 pm. I hope this review can go to upper mgt.

This food was inedible. Pancakes like hockey pucks.bacon murdered. Juice was watered down.not worth the trip

The food is ok but nothing special. Pretty good amount of food options. building could use some updating.