34 reviews of Hot Nails "Decided to try this spot out because I desperately needed my previous no chip removed and it's near my office in Skokie (I usually go to one particular place in the city and didn't want to drive that far). I came in at…

Hot Nails

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Decided to try this spot out because I desperately needed my previous no chip removed and it's near my office in Skokie (I usually go to one particular place in the city and didn't want to drive that far).

I came in at around 6pm and they were able able to get me in right away. The person doing my nails didn't speak a whole lot of English but that doesn't bother me at all. A woman did the no chip removal and a man did my new no chip. Very happy with the outcome - the shape was a little more square than I usually get (pointier corners) but that's on me for not saying anything. Application was good, although there are a few spots that I can see the brush strokes which isn't usually the case.

Provided that this mani lasts as long as those at my normal place, this may end up being my mani place of choice for after work!

Omgosh this place needs some serious ventilation!! I cannot believe the customers here stayed considering how bad the no chip smelled. It was a Saturday evening, around 7 pm and my preggo self really needed a pedicure and foot massage. I searched yelp to see which salons are open until 8 pm and this place came up. I called just to double check if they were opened and allowing walk-ins. They said yes, come through.

The location is easy to find since it's on a main Street (Touhy- close to Cicero and Touhy). There was plenty of parking in their little plaza.

I didn't like that there was no fresh air coming into the salon or that there were no ventilation. The people working there had masks but I didn't and I felt like I couldn't breathe. It was horrible. I was literally two seconds away from just walking out because the smell of no chip just consumed the air. The only reason I didn't is because my mom was with me and she had already started her treatment and I was her ride home. When you go to a pedicure, you went to relax but I was just practicing my breathing because I couldn't handle the smell of the air. I don't know how the other people in the salon weren't phased by it or that they didn't seem too terribly concerned.

The lady who worked on my pedicure was nice but I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon just because I didn't feel like it was a 5 star pedicure. When you're almost 8 months pregnant, you can't reach your feet. You're lucky if you can see your feet, nevertheless touch them. I needed a pedicure because the heel of my foot needed some scrapping and some tender love and care. Homegirl definitely did not scrape all the dead skin off. She did cut and file my nails but she didn't put top coat on my nails so it doesn't have the shine of a fresh pedicure. They charge for the manicure-  not crazy expensive but I didn't think I got a good pedicure for the price.

I always say, check a business out for yourselves because everyone's experience is different. I personally don't intend on going anytime soon but I highly recommend you see if it works for you!

OBESSESED I am absolutely obsessed with how my nails came out!! I got a full set acrylics after hearing great things about Hot Nails. I switched to check out Hot Nails because my previous nail salon was no longer satisfactory simply due to a mix of the service was rushed and done poorly and I felt judged by the technicians..My experience today with Hot Nails was a complete 180 difference and I feel great! My technician took his time and always made sure everything was to my liking and the entire environment was really respectful and nice. My only downside is that it is extremely difficult to take out my contact lenses but that is just something that I need to learn and totally not on the salon. I will definitely be back!

I go here all the time, this is my favorite place to get my nails done! Everyone is so friendly and they remember who you are so they know what you might want to get done! I always recommend everyone of my friends to come here and get their nails done Especially w Lee he is the best!
I don't trust any other nail salon than them!

I came here yesterday for dip powder mani. Unfortunately, the tech didn't give any effort at all in smoothing out my nails and cleaning out the edges. At first she tried to leave my thumb nail  short while the rest of the nails are long and coffin-shaped. When I asked her to make it long, the owner next to her  blurted out, "too late!". I practically had to beg her to make them all even in length . I get my nails done every two weeks at a different salon and what nail techs usually do is they  put a fake nail over your natural to make them long. It's an automatic process when you tell them you want LONG NAILS.  
During the whole  process,  I kept waiting for her to smooth out my nails with her drill  but she never fixed them .  When it's all set and done I kept noticing the same thumb nail how it's very bumpy and uneven . When I told her about it, the tech immediately told me that it's my fault because I asked her to put a fake nail over my natural nail. I mean , all she had to do was use her drill to even them out after putting the dip powder color .
I'm very unhappy and sad. The owner was there but didn't try to make it right or even check her work.

Never again with this place .

Also , stay away from their eyelash extensions . That's another story.

My nails had to be redone after the botched job I got here. I got acrylics.. they were filed uneven, crooked, and even had bumps in them where the acrylic hadn't been filed down all the way.  On top of that the lady, rushed through the painting of them and left color all over my cuticles.  It costed me 60$ to get them removed and redone.
Don't waste ur time going here..

I've been looking everywhere for a good nail place that does fake nails. This is by far the best for me. Lee is amazing he does my fake nails just the way I like them which is thinner as opposed to really thick nails which look ugly. I also don't go out of my way to write a review but for this I had too.

There is noting hot about these nails! Then to add insult to injury they had the worst attitude because I was unhappy with there horrible work.  Run away from this place they are no good.

Love this place! Me and my fiancé come here all the time for pedi time!! Soon as we walk in we're greeted so nicely, great customer service. The workers love to converse if you initiate which is awesome because sometimes I just don't wanna talk at all, just wanna relax. Sometimes they're pretty busy but honestly I wait because I always come here and can't imagine going anywhere else and always get the job done RIGHT. Hot Nails is the best around town!

I went here last week for the first time with my sister, who is a loyal customer of theirs. I went to go get a pedicure, it was time for one. My nail tech was a younger girl and she was really sweet. Everything I asked her to do with my feet she did. She was really gentle too.
The place itself is nice and clean too. It has a section in the back with the pedicure chairs along with the dryer and then in the front are the nail stations. It's really open and neat. The staff is all really friendly and the owner is so nice. I will be coming back for my pedicures and full sets.

This 5 star is only for Cam.  She is damn good!! I have got my nails done at million places but the way Cam did I have never experienced it anywhere. I got pedicure and no-chip manicure.  Cam took time and made sure every nail was cleaned and looked perfectly polished!  LOVED it! She did it for my mother as well who had really bad feet with lots of dead skin.  Cam made the feet look flawless lol.  I would only recommend her.  The price was very reasonable.   for pedi and non-chip manicure.  Will be coming to Cam only now.

Sloppy sloppy sloppy paint job. Will never return!!!! Asked them to re do paint job & it still came out sloppy.

So I have been coming here for several years....I love this place.  I had a bad experience going else where once and I won't go anywhere else ever. Went to modern nails in Lincolnwood mall, had a terrible experience,  came here so I get grt it repaired and as always Hot Nails was perfect!

Kathy Kim and Lee are the best around. They are always polite and do a quality job. I would recommend this nail salon to anyone who wants to find a regular place where everybody knows your name

I came in and Kathy and Lee greeted me right away. This was my first experience at a nail salon and it went smoothly. I was skeptical at first from some previous reviews I read, but the service was great and the quality was even better. Definitely coming back and I recommend this place. A true family run business where they actually care about your personal life.

I have been here several times before and had a great experience however today when I went in to get a no chip pedicure and also a fill with no chip polish for my nails I was completely surprised when the owner told me that the pedicure I got was 20$ and that they would charge an additional 20$ for the no chip on top on that they charged 30$ for my nails fill and no chip. I had been in on the 13th of June with my daughters they got a no chip manicure and regular polish pedicure I was charged 25$ per child and I did my nails fill and no chip and was charged 20$ that was 70$ I tipped the guy who did my daughters nails 10$ and the one who did mine 20$ my total was 100$ and I was happy with that
So you can imagine my surprise that they were trying to charge me and my sister in law 70$ each we reportedly told them that last time we were charged 20$ for our nails and they kept saying "no that's wrong" we went back and forth with the conversation and of course we paid because would never do it any other way I told her I had my statement and I could show her the charge that was made on that day and the owner as I walked out called us crazy if you like to be disrespected then be my guest they will lure you in with low prices then you'll be shocked after a few times they will say it was always the price as if you would forget!
terribly rude people I'd rather spend my 70$ or 100$ or ever a 1000$ I don't care about the money really but I'd go somewhere where the owner(or owners wife) doesn't call the customers crazy after taking there money.

Always satisfied when I leave ,I never have to waIt ,been coming for 15 years ,followed from Irving location ,See Lee owner

Terrible salon. Unhygienic. Can't speak good enough English to understand what I wanted. Then when they mess up, he puts the blame on me saying I told him to do that. I can't believe I spent 50 bucks here and came out to the worst gel mani ever. I came in and asked the lady at the front about what I wanted to do and how much would it cost. She quoted me 40 bucks with "discount" I don't know what discount it was. But that's what she told me. I said cool lets get started. I explained to the tech what I wanted all he said was ya ya and just continued talking in there language. I stopped him several times because he was being so sloppy with it. I went back and found a picture on my phone and showed him. He said ya again and continued on. I wanted really thin gel mani and came out with round balls on each of my fingers. I wished I took a picture. I was so upset I went immediately to another salon and she fixed it.
Long story short the worst salon ever. They don't listen to what you have to say. It's funny how I'm paying you to do my service that when I interrupt you get mad. Lol it was quite amusing. He got mad at how I stopped his convo to have him fix my nails.
Lastly if that wasn't it, when I went to the counter the rep rung me at 50. I asked why 50? She said I made so many changes on my nail. WTF? What changes? Terrible terrible terrible! That's all I have to say.

This place is amazing! I've been coming here forever, and Lois is my favorite. Love the nails and love the friendly staff. Would completely recommend. 100% satisfaction!

I came here yesterday with my mom and my 4 year old.  The staff was very courteous and did an amazing job. They tolerated my daughter very well too (who was jumping around touching everything!).
Mani Pedi's are pretty low cost here when compared to other places. The salon itself needs a good remodeling job (will feel more inviting) and maybe relocating will get them more business. No one beats the price though! Will come back.