154 reviews of Lobster Claw Seafoods "First trip to Boston area and found this place, on yelp, right off the plane. Highly recommend it but beware, the Seafood platter will feed 2 adults and 2 kids. You really get the food for the money here so…

Lobster Claw Seafoods

3 Main St
North Reading, MA 01864
(978) 664-6349


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Lobster Claw (located in North Reading, Massachusetts) is a family-owned seafood restuarant who’s goal is to provide and maintain the Highest Quality and Standards in serving you Seafood in the fine Old New England Tradition. Your continued Patronage is thankfully and respectfully appreciated. Our menu consists of the finest quality lobster, tuna, clampstrips, chicken, shrimp, scallops, calamari and other fine seafood. We serve our menu in a variety of different prepartions including cold rolls, baskets, boxes, dinner platers, and special combos.  Please view our menu below to learn more about our different options and pricing. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy the Lobster Claw experience. Thank you!

Rewievs :

First trip to Boston area and found this place, on yelp, right off the plane. Highly recommend it but beware, the Seafood platter will feed 2 adults and 2 kids. You really get the food for the money here so come hungry

Lobster Claw was actually good for awhile. For the past year or so after they got new management and did a complete overhaul of the kitchen and the help, they served up fresh hot tasty seafood. Before they changed it recently was horrible. Run down, small portions, teenagers running the place, disgusting looking kitchen.  
Lobster Claw has somewhat come full circle once again, minus the decor and teenage help. A couple times I ate here though was disappointing to say the least. Tasteless chicken fingers and bubblegum like chewy Calamari. But other times, they were good again. I recently tried the .99 Skipper Lobster Roll. I bought one for myself and my buddy I was with. Along with a small box of scallops for a side order, another $ 18.00. Over .00 for lunch for two people?! What was I thinking?! But I was celebrating a special event so I thought, "Eh,why not? I hope THIS time I won't be disappointed. (Not exactly the mindset you should have when going into a restaurant.)
Sigh*  I was disappointed. The lobster tasted almost like plastic. It was either canned or it was old. The buttered roll was cold and tasted stale. It didn't even taste like butter on the roll, more like an artificially butter flavored PAM Cooking Spray. I used to get lobster rolls at D' Angelos, before some of them went out of business, at half the price for the same size sandwich and they were always fresh, tasty, and the roll was perfectly toasted and fresh. Plus some shredded lettuce on top to give it some more flavor and texture.    
The fries that came with the Lobster Claw Skipper Roll were room temperature and bland. (A.K.A., they were sitting around since lunchtime.)  The coleslaw was, meh, a little too crunchy and bland.  
The minuscule side order of about 8 scallops came in a little checkered red and white box. Swimming in their own grease that was pooling on the bottom of said basket. I actually watched in real time as the breading on the scallops slithered off from all the oil on them, leaving a white piece of fish and brown wrapping around the sides.
I dabbed the scallops over and over with a half foot stack of napkins to sop up as much 40 weight as I could, but they still were seeping out oil. If Jed Clampett came along he would have shot at it and moved to Beverly Hills.
Goodbye Lobster Claw, you had me, my hearty appetite, and my yen for great seafood for awhile, but you are starting to cut corners and abandon quality control once again. For the prices you charge, it's not a gamble I'll be risking anytime soon.

My husband and I were craving fish, so we headed to Lobster Claw in North Reading Sunday night. The food was delicious and the fish was fresh. Tartar sauce yum!
My husband got a huge lobster roll with melted butter. The waitstaff was friendly, helpful and social. The restaurant could use a bit of decorating and modernizing, but this pales in comparison to their quality and prices.
Thank you Lobster Claw!

The best food in town. Their fried haddock is my favorite to eat.

I absolutely love The Lobster Claw... I was traveling for business and searched Yelp for nearby restaurants as I often do. I was expecting to see the usual suspects... Chains.
Imagine my surprise that I was only 10 minutes away from a local seafood treasure with great Yelp reviews. It was a no Brainer, I was about to get my Lobster fix. I had two Lobster rolls with French fries and the best coleslaw I've ever had. The Lobster rolls were far better than I could have expected, as good as any I've ever had. In fact, they were as good as I could daydream about... They lived up to fantasizing what Lobster rolls could or should taste like. Dare I say "Total food Porn". This will certainly not be the last time I visit the Lobster Claw. I walked out feeling that life is good... It created temporary euphoria.

I came with high hopes as my coworker spoke of this place very fondly, unfortunately this place did not live up to expectations.
The set up of this store is a little like fast food, you line up to place your order, get an order number and go back to collect your food when ready.

There's a pretty wide selection of seafood (mostly fried) with specials on the right side of the board, above the cashier. I decided to try the clam chowder and the crab cake platter (comes with onion rings and fries).

The clam chowder was thick and rich and they were very generous with the clams. I actually liked the soup, but a friend who tried a spoonful said that it was too rich/thick for her.

I was disappointed with the crab cakes as they seemed more like potato croquettes with crabmeat added. I did not realize that the crab cakes were also deep fried. They were shaped into a flat disc shape, and it didn't seem to have a lot of crab meat in it. It was definitely not what I expected it to be.
My friend ordered the fried shrimp and clam strips, and she said they were okay only.

While eating there, we saw quite a few people order the fried chicken tenders (which looked really good). Might try that instead next time.

bad. i tried eating it and i threw up 4000 times

The food is unbeatable and the people who work behind the counter are always extremely nice and personable.  At a glance it can seem expensive but it's high quality seafood prepared very well so you are clearly getting what you paid for.

I've been coming here now over 30 years.. it's still the best in Massachusetts.   You may pay a bit more, but you get it back in quality and amazing service.  I.always stop here after a nearby drs and it's always a treat and there's always a smile waiting with your food!  Love this place

Stopped in recently for a seafood fix- I ordered the seafood platter (fisherman's plate) the prices were a bit high, and the food was very average. I had waited to get here for a while and was hoping for better where it's proximity to my work is great. But nothing I had will make me rush to come back. Disappointed

Had to have lobstah before summer ends and this place is great for that.

Haddock and scallops with fries and coleslaw were great. Fresh and well seasoned.

The lobster roll was gigantic! If you get one it is but if you get two, they are so you do the math. I really liked the lobster roll and highly recommend this seafood place.

First time today. Great fish and chips. Good service. Every one has an opinion. De gustibus non disputandum est. To put it another way, my mama's meatballs are just the best. I think the food is very good here. Other people can disagree. The price is what I expect seafood to cost nowadays. We will definitely coming back.

Great food and service.  Quantity and quality are worth the expense.   Seafood plate is enough for two.

Stumbled on this place randomly in the area one day and as yelp always seems to do it Saved the day and found me a diamond on the rough. Honestly I can't even lie this was probably the best, freshest seafood I ever tasted in my life. I wish I didn't live so far away from this place with the traffic. I have the platter which came with a variety of options (scallops, shrimp, fries, strips, haddock, onions strings) typical platter but the scallops just melt in your mouth, the fries were pretty decent, the shrimp was pretty big I got the jumbo. The only downside of this place was the to-go packaging which which is just two plates in a bag trying to hold all of that goodness. If you're good is this good you have to get a box to hold everything together properly. Overall just delicious meal. I will be back

Lobster Claw Seafoods always has done right by me. Got the 8oz lobster roll, comes with fries and cole slaw. Very tasty, makes the perfect lunch, and a good value too. Many fresh items on the menu, including clams, scallops, squid, and various local fish. Large restaurant, ample parking. This restaurant is exactly what a local casual seafood spot should be.

Drop by the lobster claw for a quick lunch yesterday and decided to try the baked haddock with fries and coleslaw. The haddock was fresh and I ordered it with extra breadcrumbs. The good news was the fresh haddock was cooked perfectly. The bad news was the breadcrumbs have some type of small slices of onion which I did not expect because traditionally the breadcrumbs are just lightly seasoned. I'm not a big onion fan and I found that the onions actually took over the taste of the whole meal. The other thing I didn't like was the fish was piled on top of the french fries which made every Friday underneath soggy. Although I will continue to go there and have other meals I thought it was important that people knew because this meal was . The staff there were excellent and the place was very clean. I'll be back again soon to try something different or better yet something I know I will absolutely enjoy.

Seafood is a special special thing. I have a rule of thumb... Don't get seafood at a sub shop and/or if it is really cheap stay away! This is neither! The seafood is made to order, super hot straight out of the fryer (my favorite temp!) and taste super fresh! I have NEVER had a bad piece of seafood from many trips here and is a hidden gem. The reason for no 5 star you ask? The fries are pretty normal to say the least. They do the job but nothing special and I am sure you have had better in your lifetime. Also, not a fan of the tartar sauce. It is a basic blend but just not my cup of tea. I think it maybe a bit too strong on a flavor or two. I simple don't use it and am still happy. Serving sizes are more than enough and the fish size is great especially for the fish and chip special (AN AMAZING PRICE). If you love seafood and area around, don't be afraid to go straight here!!

Really nice find..

We stopped in for lunch craving seafood but not wanting what we have in our own area, this place was just what we needed, great food, quick service and a really good value, we will definitely travel back to North Redding, it was well worth the drive.

What a tempting seafood case. A very good lobster roll and slightly dried fried clams. The fried haddock had grease dripping out of it. The service was efficient, don't expect to exchange pleasantries with the man behind the counter. He just wanted to take your order, he didn't care why you were there or how your day was going. So order quickly and jump out of the way. Average food, average everything. Meh.

Ive been going here since it was just the small take out spot with a few tables.   The food is OK.  We especially like the Chicken.  We've often got the Family Deal with fish and Chicken. On a recent trip the price had jumped by .  The price was not on the chalkboard and when I commented I was told that was the price (and not in a very nice way.  Didn't go back for a long time.  When I did the price had gone down some.
One of the few place I could order a smelt dinner, Prices on that have gone up too. to .  
In the end the prices just aren't worth the calories and the newer owners just aren't very nice.
I do miss the Tarter Sauce but I've learned to make my own.