38 reviews of Jackson's Bakery "Jackson's Bakery is an awesome place. I came here for what else, a cookie. Stepping into the Bakery in between running errands, it's a small shop, almost hidden if you don't pay attention - which makes it quite the…

Jackson’s Bakery

614 Stone Rd
Rochester, NY 14616
(585) 663-7634

Jackson’s Bakery


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Rewievs :

Jackson's Bakery is an awesome place. I came here for what else, a cookie. Stepping into the Bakery in between running errands, it's a small shop, almost hidden if you don't pay attention - which makes it quite the gem. It has an open walkway which houses three displays of baked goods. Your mouth starts to water right away.

The cookie was good. The aroma was fresh, it had a pretty good chocolate chip ratio, was a decent sized cookie for the prize and overall had a good texture. The bite was slightly stiff around the edges but nothing too noticeable. I'd give the cookie a 4/5 but overall the Bakery itself gets a 5. I wouldn't mind coming in here to get cakes, canolis or anything else that gets your taste buds salivating. Highly recommend this Bakery to anyone in the area.

Love this bakery! My family has been going here for years! Their signature chocolate torte cake is to die for along with their smiley face cookies! Must have!

For as long as I can remember, we've ended our monthly poker game with danish from Jackson's!  This unique neighborhood bakery has a loyal following, especially at the holidays when their White Mountain dinner rolls are a must. Prices are really great, especially compared to Wegmans!  And they even hand tie each box with string rather than tape then shut.

The wife and I were craving something sweet at 545 pm so we decided to try Jackson's bakery.  We have always been say we need to try there sometime. Well we did and we absolutely love it!!  

I got a cannoli and an eclair the wife got a slice of carrot cake and a cannoli all were great.  

Now that we know how good the desserts are here we will be coming back.

OMG!! I live a block away from here and can walk there and I've wasted 3 years never going in! I regret this decision immensely!

I just had a sugar craving and stopped in right before closing, and I got a carrot cake square and a cannoli. They were to DIE for. The cake was so moist, perfectly sweet but not too sweet! The cannoli shell was perfect! I will be back tomorrow!

My husband loves the sweet cherry pies and kuchens.
You have to order them if you want them, because they are sold out by late morning.
My favorite is the white cake with lemon curd and buttercream frosting.
It reminds of the old-time cake the Main Street Sibley's used to have.
These people are up baking all night long and everything is fresh, fresh, fresh! They maintain their incredibly reasonable prices because they don't refurbish their bakery ( it looks the way it did when I was a kid,)
and they don't have a web site. They don't need one.

I try to stay away from everything there, but trust me, it's hard.

Great cakes from great people. If we only had them back in Mississippi!! The prices are much better than going to the big box stores.

So glad to have learned about this bakery!  Everything is always fresh and delicious!  The Almond Kuchen is our favorite.  I always order 2 ahead of time, since they sell out of them quick.  Most recently tried the carrot cake bars, and they are by far, better than any other I've had...

It is not what it used to be.  We stopped today and bought a chocolate log and a small white square.  The frosting on the white square was almost nonexistent, the chocolate logs frosting was almost runny.  It has gone down over the years.  Quit being stingy with the frosting. That includes your torte cakes also.


My husband's family has been coming here for years, and for good reason. Literally everything is delicious!!! The staff is one of the friendliest and most helpful I've ever experienced, and the prices can't be beat. We recently ordered a 10" cake and picked up three cookies while in the store. Our total? About . Seriously. I went with my two little ones, and one of the ladies carried the cake to the car for us! The whole experience was sweet ;)

Everything in this place is like heaven. The brownies and cup cakes are great when your having a bad day and need something sweet to make you smile. Its cash only. So be prepared.

Guys, Jackson's Bakery is awesome! Their cookies are so inexpensive... 70cents!? Um, whaaaat! I haven't seen a cookie this cheap in a decade and it's delicious. I bought 2 peanut butter cookies and a blueberry Danish for and some change! Magical. Granted this place is a bit of a haul for me, but if I happen to be in the area I will always stop in and plan ahead when considering where to buy future birthday cakes... German chocolate cake for less than . Sold!

If you have a big party, order from here, you'll get some serious bang for your buck. Can't wait to try more baked goods on their menu.

As an aside, this is not a new trendy bakery, it's been around for 60+ years so you're looking at classic items and probably not going to get fondant or vegan blah blah at this place.

I love going to an old school bakery that's not afraid to keep traditions and good ethics. The German Chocolate Cake is amazing- that is if you get there in time to get one! Delicious cakes, breads and other bakery items. Cash only. Nice staff. Great place to get a great cake!

How have I lived in Rochester for 10 years and not heard about Jackson's until last week? To think of all the amazing desserts I could have been eating over the years!

In one word, Jackson's is: AMAZING. It reminds me of the bakery my grandma would take me to after church in North Buffalo in the early 80's. They have several touches of nostalgia that are leftover probably from when they opened, including some kind of contraption that hangs from the ceiling and dispenses the twine they use to tie around the bakery boxes. Adorable!

I've gone twice in the past week and both trips were a success. I was excited to see that the selection varied quite a bit both times. On my first trip I bought three of their famous smile cookies, a piece of chocolate cake, a piece of vanilla cake and a neopolitan cake and it came to only ! WHA?!

On the second trip I got three smile cookies, a butter danish and a chocolate cupcake and only paid !

They have a great selection of cakes and pies ready for purchase - ones that you don't see too often like pineapple cream pie. I'll definitely be making Jackson's a regular stop on my Saturday errand list!

Jackson's has been our family bakery go to forever. My Mom would order Kuchen's for holidays and it was my job to pick them up (stand in line to). I turned a friend on to Jackson's and now I have to there earlier so I can get mine! Don't forget your green frog for Easter/Lent. My grandson had his first one this year- start them early.

Delicious! Earns every one of five stars. Was seeking out a bakery option in the Rochester area and the Yelp reviews pointed me to Jacksons, I was not led astray. I had something called a radio, moist chocolate cake, white buttercream and fudge.... wowwwww and one of their miniature chocolate cakes, both were thick, decadent and super tasty. At just a bit over each I think the price was especially reasonable. I would have purchased more but I had and they are cash only(there is an ATM close by but not in store so come prepared). I would also suggest getting there early I arrived around 4 in the afternoon and it looked like several items had already left the shelves. I will definitely need to return first thing in the morning with at least a :) a must tast

I came in looking for something to bring to dinner at a friend's house. The service was prompt and friendly. I ended up getting some cannolis and a rhubarb pie. Both were excellent. The cannolis were not quite as heavy as normal. They may have whipped the filling. However they did it, the cannolis were very well received!
The prices were also great. This place is a perfect small bakery.

Probably the best cakes in Rochester. Affordable, quality made and absoluteky delicious. Everyhing from a little slice all the way to a full sheet cake. And for less than half the price of s supermarket cake.

A single word to describe Jackson's... Can't find just 1!  Think old school bakery. No frills or pretentiousness, just AMAZING desserts and reasonable prices.  From their creamy buttercrrsm frosting to their "ho-ho" cakes to their chocolate torte cakes, everything is delicious and makes you want to come back for more!  Being the desserts are their rolls, best I've ever had.  And their kuchrns & pastries are a great way to start any day.  Can't wait to go back!

I grew up with this bakery, my grandma, Mary Agostinelli, treated us to the best birthday cakes with the sprinkles on the side and the jelly dollops on top! If you haven't had you haven't lived.     She also bought her Italian Cookies here (that is saying a lot for an Italian) and the danishes on Sunday. I've lived in Boston, Manhattan, London and LA and haven't found a bakery as delicious and true to who it's alway been as Jackson's.  I miss it so much!  It's my birthday on Halloween and I wish they shipped!  The BEST bakery ever.