126 reviews of Lotus Restaurant "The only pho restaurant near fort drum and it's good! I got the house special pho which comes with all the meat and it was good. I love how they have three sizes because sometimes one order of a pho bowl doesn't…

Lotus Restaurant

1283 Arsenal St
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 788-3888

Lotus Restaurant


Mon 10:30 am - 10:00 pm
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Lotus Restaurant is a small, family-run Vietnamese restaurant in Watertown, NY. We have authentically prepared, delicious, and healthyVietnamese food in a friendly environment. We have delicious Pho (Vietnamese noodlesoup) that you will love! So please come and enjoy our delicious food, and havea nice cup of Vietnamese style coffee or some fresh juices!

Contact Information

1283 Arsenal St, Watertown, New York 13601
Phone Number: (315) 788-3888
Fax Number: (315) 788-3886
E-mail: cuong@lotus-restaurant.com


we are open every day, from 10:30am to 10:00 pm closed on some holidays

Lotus Restaurant

Rewievs :

The only pho restaurant near fort drum and it's good!
I got the house special pho which comes with all the meat and it was good.
I love how they have three sizes because sometimes one order of a pho bowl doesn't fill me up. I got the large and i was able to finish it all.
I also got the shrimp spring rolls which was also really good. The peanut sauce is one of the best that I tried.
The only downside is that the pho is kind more oily than I would like.
If you are craving pho, come to lotus and you will not be disappointed.

Food is still good and the service was very quick for a Saturday at lunch.

I had the small chicken pho and there was plenty for me.

I also had the jasmine tea and it was great for this lady who has a cold!

The hubs had the beef fried rice and cleaned us plate.

The only thing that was sort of lacking was the flavor in the egg rolls. Have had them here before and have had more flavor. Hopefully just an off batch.

(Take-out orders)
Great Pho broth.
Friendly staff answering the phone.
A little high in price but being the only Pho in town they can do that.

The food was great! The boba would've been perfect if it was sweetened a little bit more but it tasted good. My kids and my husband loved it. The ladies were very friendly. The atmosphere was clean and chill. We will definitely be coming back here and I'll recommend this place to my friends !

I did a pick up order this evening for myself for the very first time lotus came highly recommended and I've been craving it. The restaurant was very quiet and soothing. My order was ready to pick up and the staff was friendly.
I ordered the shrimp pho with rice noodles. This was delicious. I normally do not eat spicy things but seeing the sirracha and the other sauce mixed together made me curious to try it. I blended everything in and it was the perfect amount of spice for me. Of course, I did not get to finish my small bowl because I had weight loss surgery. But I am happy that I can eat more pho tomorrow!

For the last three weeks, I've been coming here once a week with my sister and, boy, am I glad this place exists and is so close to me.

The ambience is interesting, first of all. It's very modern, yet traditional and they have a TV where they play random shows/movies. One week it was Bill Nye The Science Guy and the next it was Parks and Rec. On the most recent visit, they were playing songs and then started showing Shrek. It was amazing.

BUT the food is what you probably care more about, so let's talk about it. Everything I've ordered here has been exceptional.

Of course, I recommend the pho (pronounced more like phuh) -- I usually get the sliced beef brisket and of course it comes with an amazing shiny broth, tender meat, vermicelli noodles, onions and cilantro and extras like fresh bean sprouts, mint leaves, sliced jalapeños and lime. The bahn mi sandwiches are also very good and the egg roll and fried chicken appetizers are great and come with these delicious dipping sauces (I think it's fish sauce but it's spicy and a little sweet.)

OH, I almost forgot! If you're a coffee drinker, TRY THE VIETNAMESE COFFEE. That stuff is sunshine in a glass. It smells lovely and has a nice bold, strong taste. I've been getting it with condensed milk and ice, but you can get it without all that. Sometimes, they'll bring the little metal brewer to your table still attached to the cup. It's very cool. My sister usually gets the Thai iced tea -- she loves it.

There's already sriracha, hoisin sauce, soy sauce and other condiments on the table, as well as individually wrapped chopsticks, which are of great quality, and napkins.

The place sees a good deal of business, it's not usually super busy when we go, but there are a good amount of customers who come and go throughout our visit. I haven't had any problems with the service or cleanliness. And the prices are great, considering the quality and quantity of food. I'm not sure if they have a bathroom; I've just never looked for it.

If I had a complaint it would be that the menu is kind of limited but that's a good thing. Gordon Ramsay says it's better to have a few dishes that are excellent than a big menu with mediocre food. Well, this place is definitely in the first category. Everything tastes fresh and fulfilling.

However, they do have a curry chicken listed on the menu that I tried to order once and I was told they don't make that any more. I don't know if that was just that day or what.

TLDR; highly recommend this place, please take time to fully enjoy the experience.

Customer service was rude to my friend during the last visit.  We will no longer support this restaurant anymore.  They make good Pho but they need to hire some better waitresses and managers.

This place has such a lovely vibe! It's small and cozy. The staff were friendly. I ordered a thai tea, shrimp dumpling, and the house pho. The tea was perfect (not too sweet, creamy). I was not too crazy about the strong shrimp flavor from the dumplings, but the pho was delicious! The broth was full of flavor and the condiments (bean sprouts, jalapenos, cilantro, etc) were fresh. There was a little wait due to a full house, but the waiter was very attentive. I will definitely come back

We came to the restaurant on 11apr2019 at 7pm and ordered a spring roll for an appetizer and 3 bowls of pho, 2 of which had glass noodles, one with rice noodles. We received our food al at the same time and one of the orders was wrong. We asked them to bring out a new bowl with glass noodles, the server brought out a pre heated plate of glass noodles and left the old order at the table. We asked again for a fresh bowl of noodles. 20 minutes later we received the bowl of noodles after everyone was done eating. We told the server that we were disappointed and she mentioned that the workers in the back don't speak English and that she has difficulty communicating with them. The quality of pho is poor. Coming from Hawaii, this is a joke of a pho restaurant and it doesn't deserve the name. The food is pre prepped and still takes forever to serve. Horrible horrible horrible service. I wouldn't waste your time on this insulting "ethnic food"

The spring rolls were good. It's hard to mess up spring rolls so I'm happy about that.

I just moved to the area from Southern California, which has some of the best Vietnamese food, so I didn't have much hope of finding a good place around here. Also adding to my pickiness is the fact that i was raised on Vietnamese food (no one can make a bowl of pho like a Vietnamese mom!).

That being said, I decided to give Lotus Restaurant a try. I'm very glad I did! The food is delicious and fresh, and the service is great. I didn't have to wait long for my food. An added plus is that they have Thai tea with boba! I've had the pho here once, but my go to is the vermicelli bowl with grilled pork and an egg roll. Parking is plentiful, the restaurant is clean and ventilated. I'll be coming here often, as it does help my homesickness :p

Hot damn! This place is Watertown's best kept secret. Nothing like a big bowl of pho on a rainy day. The egg rolls were the best I've ever had. Delicious!

Their food is GREAT! PHO anyone? Some of the best I've had outside of Boston. Dumplings? GREAT! Vietnamese rolls? CRISPY, fresh and delicious. But we went back the following night and it was closed... I hope it didn't close permanently because it is REALLY GOOD! We had a table of 12, and they were friendly, attentive and enthusiastic about their food. Only one cook in the kitchen made for a choppy service. But the food was so good, we didn't care!

I initially thought of this town as small and most likely a lack of culture until I opened my eyes and found places such as Lotus.  We have lived in many different areas and I can say that I'll take the Bahn mi any day along with pretty much everything else on the menu.

Full of flavor, filling and the employees  are always a plus!  Thank you for not having ranch for your wings  Someone ordered the wings and asked for dressing... I was uplifted when the waitress said they didn't have it.  I'm not a "hater", I simply believe in trying a variety of food and not always drowning it all with condiments.  Just my opinion.

The flavor is on point, employees gave great customer service and the fact they are military owned in addition to all of this just makes them my happy place

The Pho is great. I wish they would bring back their Bahn mi sandwiches. I was so disappointed to hear they aren't making them anymore. They were delicious.

This is my favorite place for a hot bowl of meatball PHO.
You receive plenty of broth, noodles, and meatballs. I've never had a bad experience here. The staff is friendly, the cooks get your food to you fast, and the wait staff have a nice presentation upon seating you.

I'm from out of town, and this is my first time ever trying Vietnamese food, but I can't imagine it getting much better then this. It came out very hot and you could tell it was fresh. We didn't wait very long for our food, which was lovely. The servers were so sweet and accommodating. It's was a fantastic experience and the next time I'm back in town I will definitely come again!

The food is amazing and we will return!!

However, our service was terrible!!

We where seated in the center section of tables, all empty when we arrived, other guests around the exterior of the room in booths and other tables.

Went here on recommendation of others with coworkers visiting from corporate office.

We ordered and waited....more people where seated in the center tables (think there was six tables for four...four of these filled up as we waited for our food and ALL four tables ordered after ya and got served before we did to include other tables on the outer ring.

When we did get our food we ate and never got offered more water when asked where told yes just a minute 10 minutes later asked another server and finally got more water!!!

Good thing food was great and company was even better...buyer beware

I wouldnt recommend this place if you're into real Vietnamese food. Its definitely not authentic and the pho is incredibly watered down and lacking in flavor.

Visited this place for a dinner on a chilly day, and I have to say it's one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I've ever visited!

Lotus is located in a plaza with plenty of parking in the near. The place is fairly clean and spacious. I could say that this place is also great for large families, as there are different ranges of booths and tables! The staff members were very attentive and great. Service was pretty quick and pleasant.

For appetizers, we started off with the classic Vietnamese Spring rolls (pulled pork and shrimp rolls) which were so refreshingly good. For our entrees, we ordered a bowl of beef Pho and beef vermicelli. The beef pho really hit on the spot and met my high expectations. Meat was tender and the broth was well flavored. My friend added additional jalapeños to his broth, and that spice was a kick!!! The noodles had the right texture for pho noodles as well!! I really liked the beef vermicelli too! The dish as a whole was really fresh, and the beef was marinated deliciously!

I can't wait to go back and try the rest of the menu! :)

My boyfriend and I come here almost every week. I absolutely love this place. The place is nice, staff is wonderful, and food is amazing.