31 reviews of Metro View Grille "Super satisfying food and great customer service! I love all of the girls that work here. I usually eat here twice a month when I'm out and about in town. Their corn nuggets are very good as their chicken Caesar…

Metro View Grille

472 Haledon Ave
Haledon, NJ 07508
(973) 942-5151

Metro View Grille

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Mouthwatering dishes made with fresh ingredients

Metro View Grille is a family restaurant that successfully serves everyone with our delicious and juicy meat.Our mouthwatering dishes will definitely offer your palette flavors that are both unique and delicious. You can now enjoy the yums without stepping outside. Metro View Grille welcomes you to the convenience of online ordering, take-out, and delivery all with the click of a button! 


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Super satisfying food and great customer service! I love all of the girls that work here. I usually eat here twice a month when I'm out and about in town. Their corn nuggets are very good as their chicken Caesar wrap and burgers. Portions are nicely sized.

Food was good and the delivery was fast and easy. This is the best place I've ever ordered delivery from. I just wish they had more food options

I've been coming here for as long as I can remember. Year after year, they keep their consistency. Great hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and other diner food. It's also a plus that they deliver.
I just wish they were a little bit closer to where I live. It currently takes me 15 minutes to get there (outside of their delivery range), but if they were closer I'd go much more frequently.

I stopped in to grab a quick breakfast. The place is very clean yet has the charm and authenticity of a greasy burger joint. The service is friendly and fast. The portions are huge and the food is great. I will definitely be coming back for breakfast and I'm looking forward to trying their lunch and maybe even dinner.

I've been coming here for years they're pretty decent. They also have arcade games which is nice. Could have better customer service though

I lived and breathed this place while going to Willy P. The food was good and affordable. Love it

Been there a few times with no problems but this place now seems to be understaffed for lunch. They really need an additional person to take phone orders during the afternoon. The front of house staff was very clearly frustrated with the volume of orders and had trouble containing it. I wanted to place a phone order and they left me on hold long enough for me to actually drive there and order in person. When I got there, I politely let her know I was the one she left on hold... Food was good as usual, and service was quick once I was able to get their attention to place my order. I heard the lady mumble "some people think they are special" under her breath to her coworker as they prepared orders. I just wanted to place a lunch order... does that mean I think I'm special?! I think I'll have to find another lunch spot that takes phone orders consistently and doesn't come with a side of attitude.

This was my first visit to Metro Grill. It was a Sunday at 12:30pm. I ordered the Metroburger, hot dog all the way, french fries and a soft vanilla milkshake. I expected to pick up my order but the employee brought it to my table. The burger was fine yet average. The hot dog was great. The fries were a bit dry and the shake was slightly tough to pull through the straw but still manageable.  So, it's like all the other similar styled places I've been to. No tv or music played so I had the opportunity to do lots of thinking.

I surprisingly really liked this place. It's a walkup- hunger fix type of joint. A la cart type of menu similar to the establishment up the hill actually. Hard to pick which I like better. This had a really good grilled chicken Pesto-Panini that I ordered; note it does not come on regular bread that's pressed, it's flat bread pressed on a Panini press. Either way I really enjoyed it and my boyfriend really liked his as well. The girls at the counter were friendly as well. I have a soft place in my heart for these types of places. You walk in and feel like you're in your own kitchen more because how comfortable you feel not necessarily the atmosphere. They also have a lot of options to choose from. I'll be back for sure. Good to find a clean yummy place that you can go in with a few bucks and come out satisfied. bravo!

One of my fav places to order from. Delivery is always super fast!! Food is amazing as well. I almost always get the gyro with Cajun fries. Surprisingly the Cajun fries are curly fries and my weakness. Def recommend this place to everyone.

Always love this place! There French fries with mozzarella cheese and gravy are so good! This is our go too breakfast and lunch spot!

This was my favorite go to spot while I was at Willy P.  Everything on the menu is pretty good ranging from breakfast platters, sandwiches, salads, ice cream, etc. The paninis and their fries (in anyway - cheese/gravy/etc) were my faves!

The menu is decently priced (Many items at less than ) and there's a possibility that you may have leftovers too, which are perfect for those drunken nights!

99% of the time we opted for delivery which obviously can get a little slow (they take their last delivery order around 9:15-9:30?), but what do you expect being situated a minute away from a university? They've never messed up my order which is great!

If you do go there in person, they're pretty quick and you'll be in and out within 15mins.

I used to like this place. Now, they hire two new chefs and the food now taste terrible.

Great quick food to get when I am back home!! Love their burgers and paninis. My fav is the italian panini. I add mayo and they give you pesto on the side. Omg soo good!!! My hubby loves the philadelphia one which comes with turkey cheese cole slaw and russian dressing. Also very yummy!

I always get the same thing from here so it kind of doesn't count for me to do a review but it's so good I have to get it all the time ! I typically get a platter and I absolutely love the coleslaw that comes with it , I never really liked that before I tried it from here and now every-time I try coleslaw from somewhere else I always say not as good as metro .
Everyone is super friendly in there.

Hard to believe there's still a decent grille in existence locally! Seems like more and more hot dog and burger joints are disappearing-but at least here in Haledon...there's still one last place for regulars (and newcomers)to visit. Food is consistent. No guessing or disappointments. Decent portions, and prepared as requested. Offer "good old fashioned comfort foods"...hot sandwiches and homemade soups daily, and atmosphere is family friendly casual. Parking sufficient. Waitress staff-as needed,not"over-bearing and intrusive...Great prices too! What more could you even ask for?OH-DELIVERY!Yes indeed...they also DELIVER LOCALLY! Can't be beat on at the end of a long day...especially as the seasons change.Perfect meals for the entire family (even for those who are vegan...wow!), especially when you just don't want to go out on those long, cold, dark, late nights, when creating a full dinner is just more than you want to face.Food arrives promptly, warm, and as it should be...AND THEY EVEN OFFER ICE CREAM AND THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ON PLANET EARTH, and I've fed a family of 4, full, delivered meals, at incredible prices(less than . total)! They are even "eco-friendly...! Doesn't get much better than Metro Grille!

The food here used to be good. I havent stopped by in like 2 years, and I stopped in one day to get my usual, the buffalo chicken wrap, and it didn't taste the same. The sauce tasted like it was more watery-based and the grilled chicken was replaced by just 2 chicken fingers inside... I don't really know lol. I'm only giving it two stars because of what it was like before and the convenience of it.

I cannot get enough of the cheese fries and the corn nuggets!! Some places skimp on the cheese for the cheese fries, but not here. A great sized serving of hot, gooey, cheesy and delicious cheese fries! And the corn nuggets are just the perfect bite of sweet, creamy corn.

Really good burgers and hot dogs diner food type place. Came here as a teenager all the time and still eat it when I go home. The more burgers/dogs you buy, the more free food you get, so ordering in bulk is key. Always go "all the way" with the burgers/dogs/fries...the sauce is really tasty and has the right amount of spice. I enjoy the chili as well.

I used to love the cheese fries however the owner decided to save money and switch the white American cheese to cheap processed nacho cheese. Then they USED to have quality mozzarella sticks now the owner decided to take the cheap route and down grade his cheese again to cheap plastic tasting cheese sticks. Did u think we weren't gonna taste the difference on the quality of the cheese. It literally taste like melted plastic. Stop being cheap and buy quality cheese.