126 reviews of Shanghai Club "Always GREAT food ! NEVER had a problem dining in or take out. The entire staff is super friendly !"

Shanghai Club

3434 W Anthem Way
Ste 118
Anthem, AZ 85086
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Shanghai Club


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Founded in 1992 by Harry and Ming Wong, SHANGHAI CLUB is backed with 30 years of restaurant experience.

The SHANGHAI CLUB provides top-notch Chefs and a warm and friendly wait staff.  The SHANGHAI CLUB provides you with an  extensive menu of the French, Mandarin & Vietnamese Chinese Cuisine with a gourmet twist.  

Join us in a relaxing environment with natural stone, artwork, waterfalls, granite bar and plasma screen t.v.  With a huge variety to choose from, along with the warm and welcoming atmosphere, prices that won't gouge, and chefs who aim to please - you have a combination that can't be beat!  

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise SHANGHAI CLUB has established a personal relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!


An exceptionally warm and inviting atmosphere to bring clients, family or friends. (Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Garcia - customers since 1993)
Lunch or dinner, I can count on Harry to make my dining experience delicious and pleasurable for myself and my business associates. (Jason Held - customer since 1997)

We have been eating at the Shanghai in Scottsdale since it first opened.  We love the food, and the employees; they are like family.  (L. Lang - 1993)

We use the finest ingredients, each dish is freshly prepared.  If you don't see it on the menu, ask us, we aim to please.


Always GREAT food !
NEVER had a problem dining in or take out.
The entire staff is super friendly !

I am on a quest to find a really good Chinese restaurant. I stopped in for lunch. Combos are .95 and .95 and include white rice (brown +$.50) entree and chicken puffs. I ordered General Chicken which was mediocre - neither good nor bad. The puffs were not good. The hot and sour soup was  tasty. Serving size was ample. The staff was courteous and friendly. Service was fast and correct. Still continuing my search.

A few days ago I came in and had a wonderful experience! the inside of the resultant was nicely decorated and was a perfect environment for families, I was seated right away and was given instant attention when ordering. I ordered an assortment of things such a shrimp fried rice, Chicken lo main and orange chicken. I loved that the food came out as soon as possible, everything was fully cooked and came out hot and fresh. The staff was very friendly, always refilling my cup and making me as comfortable as possible, everything was decently priced and I would definitely come back again.

This place is jammed and the staff manage to serve with grace and speed - amazing!!! I had a quick dinner before getting back on the road - yummy! Fried rice with egg and veggies and sizzling rice soup with veggies and tofu!!! Love, love, love - Yan was terrific!!!!

Placing a "to go" order is painful.  The hostess put me on hold for 5 minutes.  I finally hung up and called back to complain.  The hostess then told me they prioritize customers who show up in person.  Not a good choice for take out.

So happy to have good Chinese food nearby I think the food is fantastic and the service is always great. I love the sweet and sour chicken and teriyaki chicken

I'm not even sure how they are not at least 4 stars. I think it's some of the best Chinese food that I've had in AZ- definitely a great option for anthem. Always friendly and willing to modify your order- great for picky people like me. Black bean anything and egg drop soup are so good!

Ordered my food for carry out egg foo yong and two eggrolls the egg foo yong patties were like an omelette and they didn't have any cabbage carrots or celery in it whatsoever there's sauce tasted like garbage I've been going to this restaurant for 13 years and I've never experienced such poor food quality after I got home and we couldn't eat the food I brought it back and the restaurant refused to refund my .!!At that point I had to call my bank to dispute the charge I will never go there again what a huge disappointment and what terrible management and ownership they wouldn't even come out of the kitchen

I've been coming to this restaurant for over a decade. Every time we are seated quickly, reasonably attended to, & the food is always remarkable. In my 15 years of dining here, I honestly cannot remember a single mistake on our orders or food. Good quality, quick service, and a nice atmosphere for friends, family, and children. Highly recommend!

So I have to say I LOVE Chinese food!  We typically order take-out from this Restaurant and the food is "Ok".  The only real critique I can give it is that, other than the Won Ton Soup, the food is rarely "consistent" in taste.  Bland some days, yummy on others.  It's just up the street from us, so we find the convenience on those nights where we don't want to cook, nice.

The Staff is always friendly and helpful.  We choose take out because, well, the "smell" in the dining room is somewhat "Stale".  Price is workable.  On one order, the Wife got uncooked Chow Mein Noodles instead of cooked.  I had to drive back and wait for a new order- no coupons, no drink offered during the wait for the fix- just sat there and stewed.  I did get a "Sorry 'bout that."  I guess I'll have to settle.

But it's Anthem- a ways out of other options so we'll take it for now.
Emphasis:  "For Now".  :)

I loved this restaurant when it was located at the 101 and Shea in Scottsdale. They moved to Anthem and I have followed them out there. The food is excellent, the pork ribs, the chow mein, all delicious. Service is excellent and their won ton soup is my favorite. In my opinion, I do not like "box" Asian restaurants like PF Changes. I like family owned local businesses like this one. Try it, you will love it.

We were a party of 4 and new to Anthem.  The food was great!  The service was a little slow.  We will be returning.

I called Shanghai Club to order take-out and specifically asked if they offered any gluten free options.  The employee on the phone said they can make "anything on their menu gluten free".  So I said I'd call back with an order, which we did.  I placed the order, verified AGAIN that one specific dish would be made GF.  She assured me it would.  Went to pick up the order....only 3 of the 4 meals were made.  They informed us AT PICK UP that they do not make anything gluten free?  Hmmmm, interesting, since I verified this twice.  So, no phone call to let us know so we could opt to order somewhere else.  We walked out without a meal for our daughter.  Had they informed us of this MAJOR mistake, we would have cancelled our order so we could all have dinner together, obviously.  So...on to the food.  Not so good.  We ordered Orange Chicken, Mongolian Beef and Chicken Fried Rice.  The Orange Chicken was super-duper, extra deep fried tasting with lots of breading...less chicken than breading!  Yuck!  The Beef looked completely unappetizing.  My son ate around the beef and basically just had the fried rice.  It was also somewhat greasy looking even though it wasn't a deep fried dish.  Just highly disappointing overall.  I really like to support local businesses but when they aren't even average in service and food quality....I just can't do it.  Really do not recommend this place.

I love this place.

Prices are pretty high but I will pay for the great taste. I'm thankful I found this place and would recommend this place to any one who loves Chinese.

When I go in I usually get the orange chicken with white rice and my boyfriend gets the beef and broccoli.

When we get home we split it between us and we almost always have leftovers, not because it's bad but because they give a good amount of food.

If I could have it everyday I most likely will and I'm not hard to please so I would probably order the same food each time.

I do plan to one day try something different but as for now I an currently satisfied with me favorite food.

We don't eat in often but when we have the service is quite and hey are very clean.

This place used to be good......used to be. Dining room is dirty and out dated now.  Food quality has gone down hill year after year.  Chicken and Beef qualify is fair at best.  Owner is cutting corners to make a quick buck.  Sad sad sad.  Anthem's only shining light has burned out slowly.

We walked in the restaurant and it smelled like sewer.  They did not clean their grease traps.  We left because the smell was overpowering.  Don't think we are going back.  Our concern is that they are not clean.  I really was in the mood for hot and sour soup, but the odor quickly changed our mind.  They lost our business because of their no attention to detail.

I ordered the General Chicken. Was certainly looking forward to chinese food. The chicken was so dried out, it was horrible. I am guessing it sat thier all day? The breading was so mushy too. I wouldn't eat their again.cheri

Ordered to go.  The hostess was very nice.  General's Chicken was bland and loaded with flour, minimal sauce. Sweet and sour chicken was just ok. Don't think we will be going back.
And yes, as another person mentioned, it does smell odd in the restaurant.

Met some long time friends there the other night from Phoenix and Scottsdale. The food was a 10, as the service was wonderful. I would definitely go back to this restaurant, and recommend it to others

Moved to Anthem from Seattle. My wife and I agreed that this restaurant would be successful in Seattle where there are many great Chinese restaurant. The quality and selection is very good. The atmosphere is also very tastefully done and the service was very friendly. Clearly a family owned business that takes pride in what they do.